How I Got The Shot

Hello and welcome to this blog post. We are all artists, we think different, have different opinions and our VISION is obviously different. We all achieve INSPIRATION in different ways and that is a beautiful thing.

My personal input into this matter is really simple. I get inspired through music, a location, styling, a painting, anything that strikes me and from that point on I develop that idea. In fashion it is key to be prepared and obviously to have good communication with your team members. Do not feel afraid in putting across your thoughts even if your team disagree with you.

Prepare a mood board. A visual aid always helps to put across what your thoughts are. Show hair and make up ideas, even retouching concepts so they know what the end result will be and never forget, VISION and INSPIRATION.

This past summer I completed the portfolio of the new Miss Grand Malaga 2017, Anastasia Castillo, pictured below so we are going to use this job as an example to explain everything in a clear and concise manner.

For some time now I had been driving past an area that struck me (image below). I would tell myself that I wanted to do a specific shot there. More than a year passed and nothing happened. Eventually the opportunity arose when I had to shoot the new official portfolio for the new Miss Grand Malaga.

For inspiration I referred to one of my favourite photographers, Canadian born Amanda Diaz - Her ethereal style is unique and I have been inspired by her work many times.

My vision was that I wanted to create a very dreamy feel to the image and I obviously knew that shooting a beauty queen was the perfect moment.

The conditions were not ideal as you can imagine. Shooting in the middle of summer at 6-7pm with the sun behind the model is not the best of scenarios but hey "beggars can't be choosers"

I automatically knew this would be a backlight. Why? it is simple really look at the location, analyze it and you make your own conclusion. Once the model was ready it was a matter of advising her what I was after. Remember communication is key.

Having done that I set up seven metres away from her. I was using my trusted Canon 5d MkIII together with a Canon 70-200mm f2.8 Mk II. This is part of my kit but use what is available to you.

As we were shooting a backlit scenario we obviously needed lighting. One single strobe would be sufficient.

I wanted to capture movement so with the help of an assistant adjacent to the model we flicked up the dress in order to capture the moment. It is important to be patient, take your time, do not rush things and do not leave until you have acquired the shot you wanted. Trying to repeat a shoot costs money and you will not be able to repeat the same conditions.

I am a firm believer of obtaining the image you are after on camera. I know it sounds a bit cliche but if you make this a force of habit you will grow accustomed to working this way. Remember only you can push yourself to get better and do not be afraid to experiment, you will be suprised how many things you can learn but the most important thing is never to think that just because the image was not perfect on camera that later you can fix this in post production.

Pictured above is the end result. Some post production was required but not too much, just enough to turn the background into a uniform colour plus as you can imagine adding the missing areas of flowers.

Photoshop is your friend. It is there to help you , aid you but do not abuse it. Hope you have enjoyed these few words in showing you how I GOT THAT SHOT!


David Rodriguez

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