Like A G6

A year has gone by since this shoot. A post about this shoot was long coming so here it goes. They say that artists get inspiration from life itself, from what surrounds them, what they live and experience and Like A G6 Editorial was precisely that.

Many moons ago there was a song called "Like A G6" by Far East Movement from 2010 that simply stuck in my head, that reminded me of those nights with friends, simply enjoying the moment, having drinks, enjoying the night and the music.

I had for some time wanted to shoot a military themed editorial. A local model who I had worked with previously approached me and showed me some designs by Bartolome Barrera from Malaga. I fell in love with the designs the minute I saw them and pictured the results in my head straight away.

This was the birth of G6. You would ask how can that song link to this? Well its simple, part of the lyrics says "fly high like a G6" and these designs although they are military in nature do ressemble those of a stewardess.

My concepts, ideas are simply thoughts in my head. A vision of what the final product needs to be.

As per usual I prepared and assembled my team in order to discuss the shoot. Ideas of make up and hair for the required styling. Hair styling was slightly restricted because of the fact that hats had to be used.

My make up artist had total freedom to carry out any ideas as she saw fit as long as it fit with the concept. Never forget that is the most important element of them all. Everything must fit together.

Using Gels

There is a progression that takes place in the journey that is our lighting knowledge: ambient light > on-camera flash > bouncing that flash > off-camera strobes > gels.

At first it is learning the ways of ambient light (read: I don’t want to buy a flash). As our career progresses we decide to buy our first flash and throw that straight on the camera, only to question why the shadows on faces are gone… along with the artistic merit.

Soon after that, we discover a site like Strobist and point the flash at the ceiling and realize our first “Eureka” moment as a photographer.

Then we buy our first off-camera strobes, and it is all downhill from there…

Off camera strobes are something that I think should be classified as a different genre in the medium of photography.

I say this because they are a part of the knowledge base that some photographers will never need to understand to be successful (like photo-journalists and landscape photographers).

However, for fashion photographers like myself, they are crucial to my workflow and often make or break an image.

We often talk about how bringing lights to an image creates mood, but rarely discuss how it can destroy it. Experiment, do not be afraid of trying new things it is the only way you will learn. The key, always is not the light but the "QUALITY OF LIGHT".

For future reference never forget these:

Learn lighting first with no less than three heads. This way you will understand the purpose of a key, fill and kicker before trying to modify them.

When practicing, underexpose so you can get an idea of the true color tone before cranking the light up and dialing out the saturation with watts.

Finally, and this is the biggie… KNOW YOUR CAMERA’S SENSOR!!! Not all cameras process color the same way. Some put heavier reception on the in green or red channels, and knowing what tones will have more depth will compliment your efforts.

and last but not least DO NOT BE AFRAID OF FAILURE as this will make you learn till the next time.

Hope you have enjoyed this little blog as much as I did even though it took me more than a month to finally finish it :)


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