Publishing Editorials

I have had many queries along the way about how to publish editorials and thought it would be a good idea to start a blog in my site and explain how I approach this.

Firstly you need to prepare a mood board with a concept, an idea of what you would like to produce. Remember it will be your project so no plagiarism. Posing, styling, make up and hair are just a few of the ideas you might want to splash into this board.

Secondly comes choosing your team unless you have an established team already in which case it is just a matter of discussing it together and see what you might agree upon.

Selecting the model is an important step. Whether you scout through an agency, prepare a casting or just happen to meet her on social media. It is imperative the model is perfect for your project.

Once you have the model, the make up is decided and also the hair styling it is essential to determine who the designer will be or what brands of styling you wish to use. Obtaining this is very important. Normally there are great young talents who are starting up and would love to collaborate with you in order to obtain exposure. Remember if you help them they will help you! We are all artists and we are meant to be helping each other.

Location, Location, Location.

It is very important to establish and scout your location. Travelling to shoot to a location without knowing what you will find is just pure madness. You need to be prepared. Remember it must suit your needs, fit in with the styling and most of all you need to be prepared mentally. By this i mean that you need to know what shots you want. I always picture them in my head, ALWAYS!

Publishing your work might sound as an impossible task but hey we all start somewhere. The more used you get to meeting the magazines demands the easier it will be. Remember that these fashion magazines normally have rules for submission so follow them to the letter.

If you are now thinking where do i find these magazines then don't think of it any further as it is really simple. Google it! All it takes is to type "Fashion Editorial Submissions" that simple.

Remember these magazines receive hundreds, maybe thousands of submissions so get used to not receiving a reply and if one does not answer back you can always email another magazine with your submission. Also be realistic. If you know you cannot cater with the requirements of that magazine go to another.

Finally once accepted you will receive a notification with the format in which they require the images.

In the end seeing your work published will be worth it.

Happy Shooting!

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