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We Secretly Got Married

Sam Bird @samrobertbird known for his appearance in Love Island Season 4 and Kailah Casillas @kailah_casillas know for her appearance in Real World: Go Big or Go Home are two celebrities who have many things in common yet they lived in opposite ends of the world. Fate and the magic of social media brought them together as they started to chat over instagram some two and half years ago. Love brought these two beautiful souls together and just like that they decided that they would love the idea of getting secretly married in two weeks. So after sone research they decided to fly over to the beautiful Rock Of Gibraltar and just do that.

I had the pleasure to be their official photographer to capture their day from start to finish up until they had their toast in the beautiful Sunborn surrounded by some close friends.

Today was their official release to the world to let everyone know that they got married. Below find the official photos of their wedding day. Enjoy!!!

Watch the youtube video of the day here:

Sam Bird & Kailah Casillas 3.3.2022

Team Credits:

Wedding Planning Service @rockoccasions

Ring @alldiamonduk (Jewelry & Watches)

Wedding Photography @gibraltarweddings @drodphotos

For any wedding enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us

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