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From Singapore with Love

"The water shines only by the sun. And it is you who are my sun"

"चेहरे देख कर दिल ️लगाया ही नही कभी,

हां मुस्कुरा‍हटो पर तेरी कई बार जान लुटाई है हमने"

A beautiful young couple travelled all the way to Gibraltar from Singapore. Aseem & Diya and both their families accompanied them to celebrate a union of love. We spent two days together. Visited the Alameda Gardens and The Bistro Point, enjoying good food, wine and our beautiful Gibraltar. This union was Gibraltar's last official wedding of 2021, Christmas time, A time for celebration and for families to rejoice. Weddings are not just about getting married but of family and love. It seems as if time stopped and all that matters is that one true love and those who wish to be by your side to celebrate no matter what, no matter the distance or the restrictions. If Covid has taught us something it is to be strong, to be firm and believe in love. This is what Aseem & Diya showed me and I am so glad that I saw that and today I share this with you all.

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