Interview for Promo Magazine - USA

So I was recently interviewed by Promo Magazine, New York - USA. Promo Magazine is a Fashion, Beauty, Editorial and Conceptual art magazine that is published monthly in digital format as well as print form. They mainly focus on creative minds from around the world therefore creating a gateway for aspiring artists, who deserve recognition of their work. -Do you agree that you are challenged everyday to create something that has never been created before? I do believe we are challenged on a daily basis but this challenge is up to us to set with high standards in order to create new concepts. However this is not something that should burden you nor should it force you to have to create all t

Test Shoot v Portfolio

Whether you are working with a modeling agency or working freelance you will need photos - photos for your composite, portfolio, and web presence. With a modeling agency, they may try to help you find test shoots. Working independently, you will have to track down your own test shoots. Test shoots or testing has become a generic term for photographic shoots where a model acquires photographs to use for the model's promotional materials. You have two basic goals when doing test shoots. One is to get good quality photos as fast as you can to start getting work. The better quality (more professional and creative) photos you have in your portfolio the better paying jobs you will get. The second


So the story goes that I had agreed to help out covering a local charity catwalk event for "Fighting Leukemia with Fashion". It is important to help and contribute within your local community in any way you can as you never know what the future will bring. If you wish to know more about this organisation or just help out do not doubt to contact them. Link Below: At said event I met a model called Persia Moore. You tend to train your eye to see potential and as a matter of fact Persia is all that. Since I had already scouted the other model this meant that I had the two models I was looking for. A blonde and brunette model. Location Ca

Daydream Editorial

Daydream was conceived with the thought of working with an unconventional model. My idea was simple I wanted to break the rules. I wanted a model who knew what her job was but yet would not represent your typical skinny and tall model. Nowadays there are industry standards that can simply create a massive barrier to potentially incredible models. So think of this. For females the minimum height is 174 cm so what if you found an amazing model who was 172 cm, what then? Would you reject her? Work with her? I much rather break the rules and have a really good model in front of my lens. A mood board had been prepared, the styling, location, hair and make up decided so it was only a matter

Publishing Editorials

I have had many queries along the way about how to publish editorials and thought it would be a good idea to start a blog in my site and explain how I approach this. Firstly you need to prepare a mood board with a concept, an idea of what you would like to produce. Remember it will be your project so no plagiarism. Posing, styling, make up and hair are just a few of the ideas you might want to splash into this board. Secondly comes choosing your team unless you have an established team already in which case it is just a matter of discussing it together and see what you might agree upon. Selecting the model is an important step. Whether you scout through an agency, prepare a casting or just

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